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Basement Waterproofing & Water Damage Services

Basement Waterproofing
We offer comprehensive basement waterproofing solutions. We guarantee we will identify the root of the issue and provide you the best possible remedy to get rid of water for good. We use only the highest quality materials and keep your house clean during the project. Nobody beats our prices and quality of work. We have hundreds of references that will attest to our superior work and low prices.
Crawlspace Waterproofing and Encapsulation
A crawlspace is frequently ignored by many homeowners. What they don’t realize is that their living space is directly above the crawlspace, and crawlspace water and mold issues directly affect the area above it. In order to maintain a Healthy Home, you must keep that crawlspace clean and dry. We offer a fantastic Encapusulation solution for any crawlspace. We will keep the yuk away from the floor structure above it, in turn keeping bad things out of your living space. Call today for more information about mold remediation and encapsulation techniques.
Mold Remediation
We all know mold is bad. There are many different levels of mold problems. Chances are that your mold problem is not as bad as someone may tell you. We offer a VERY low price on mold treatment and abatement. We can do any level of remediation, but unlike most companies, our charges are  based upon your mold levels. We have the equipment to safely remove any moldy materials from your home or business. We have on-staff carpenters that can do ANY level of repair needed to put your house back to its original clean and safe condition. Call today.
Removal of Moldy Building Material
Our trained professionals will take all necessary precautions to properly remove any mold-laden material. We have the State-of-the-Art filter machines to insure that your family will not be harmed during the remediation process.


Wall and Ceiling Replacement
We only have Master Carpenters with a minimum of 20 years experience on our staff.
Carpet and Tile Replacement
We use only the best Union Carpet layers and Tile installers that Philly has to offer. Our prices are very competitive.
Analysis of Exterior Grading and Drainage
Sometimes moving around some dirt will fix the problem.
Proper Gutter Condition Analysis and Solutions
Hate to say it….but sometimes you just need gutter upgrades. No other Waterproofing Company will tell you this.


Structural Analysis and Solutions
Skilled Civil Engineers will analyze you situation and come up with the best solution.
Sump Pump Installation and Upgrading
Our sump pumps carry a Lifetime Warranty. Also, we are the only company to offer a water-driven back up pump system. All other companies will offer a battery back-up pump. They will always go dead before the power comes back. Our exclusive water-driven pumps will run forever. Go with Shelter Dry and keep your shelter dry!!


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Basement Waterproofing Services

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